China was the first country to invent the umbrella in the world. It has a history of at least 3,500 years from the date of invention to the present. In the post-Wei period, the umbrella was used for official ceremonies, and the people called it “Luo umbrella”

Umbrella is a tool for shading or shielding rain and snow. Umbrella production materials usually include ductile fabrics, and other materials and entanglements that can be used as skeletons. Lift it with your hand when using it. Although the main purpose of the umbrella when it was first invented was to block the sun, it is now most often used as a tool to block rain in rain. Other functions of umbrellas include decoration, crutches and even weapons.

In today’s society, the functionality of umbrellas is becoming more and more abundant. Therefore, in order to meet the needs of people’s fashion life, Guder designed a classic, stylish and highly functional umbrella