Sun umbrella, this is a must have in summer, this sun umbrella is just like this, let’s see if sun umbrella can get rain? What are the differences between sun umbrella and umbrella:

Can sun umbrellas get in the rain:

There are different types of sun umbrella

  1. The silver glue umbrella is not afraid of rain and has good sun protection effect. The disadvantage is that it is not beautiful, and the silver glue will fall off after a long time.
  2. There is also a dual-purpose umbrella for rain and sun, which has a general sun protection effect and no problem with rain protection.
  3. Then there is the kind of special sun umbrella, which is made of special fabrics or special coatings. It is beautifully made and the umbrella surface is small. Good sun protection effect. That kind of umbrella is not very effective in blocking rain, and it is indeed likely to affect the sun protection effect after being exposed to the rain. My personal experience is that it is true that the sunscreen effect will become less beautiful after rain. If this is the case, it is better not to get caught in the rain.

If it’s not the third one, don’t worry about it.